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*Consumer demand for wellness services and products has never been higher. With a 2022 marketplace worth $4.4 trillion, and forecast to reach $7 trillion by 2025, the wellness industry becomes more than 2 times larger than the almost $2 trillion pharmaceutical industry.*

We recognize in today’s society—many people are looking for ways to supplement their current income—and/or they want to become self-reliant and own their own home-based business. Zenus is here to ‘reward your efforts’ generously—with no qualification required. We also offer you an opportunity to ‘realize’ having your own home-based business—simply by joining our ‘custom’ Affiliate program.

Global Wellness Institute, The 2022 Global Wellness Economy Monitor*

Zenus Affiliate Benefits

As a Customer, you can receive big discounts on ‘volume product purchases’ (displayed in the shopping cart). You can upgrade to a ‘Affiliate’ at any time. By being consistent yourself, you experience your own health success story and set a fine example when sharing with others. Simply refer others to your own replicated website URL. That’s all you have to do to collect very generous $$$ rewards from Zenus.
Our fulfillment center handles the rest by promptly fulfilling the orders from your replicated site—on your behalf. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding ‘personalized’ customer service.
“Selling is merely a transfer of feelings. If I can make you feel about my products the way I feel about them—you’ll want my products”.
Yes, this is a business opportunity, but it's also part of ‘sharing’ a wider 'movement' towards optimum wellness for all who seek it.

“You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.” ― Zig Ziglar

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Compensation Plan & Guidelines

Register as a Customer at no charge and receive volume/package discounts. You can upgrade to a ‘Affiliate’ at any time.


Register as an Affiliate:
As a Registered Affiliate, you not only receive big discounts on ‘volume product purchases’ but also receive a 20% commission for all ‘personal referred business’ transacted from your Zenus Global url. By law, you will be required to submit either a company tax id# or your social security#—prior to payout. There are no additional requirements or qualifications. Commissions are calculated monthly.

Get products at volume discounts and receive free shipping with a monthly subscription of (5) bottles of Zenus products.

  • Build a business in an exploding industry 
  • Contribute to the wellness of others with proven products
  • Access to nutritional cooking systems, healthy sleep systems, and high-tech air purification systems with generous commissions.