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Meet our Founders

Zenus Global Health founders, Doug and Krystyna Widdifield are both successful entrepreneurs and continually “Walk the Talk” throughout their lives. They are prime examples of ‘youth and vitality’ and enjoy good health—based on long-term use of their ‘proprietary’ supplements. As leaders in a worldwide ‘Journey to Wellness’ movement that entails all aspects of life and well-being—they help people of all ages shift their health paradigm—whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, and/or economic.

Doug & Krystyna Widdifield

Doug is an educator, health coach, sales trainer, and author of the acclaimed book, “Life or Grave Danger?". Armed with more than 30 years of study and scientific collaboration, Doug has been at the forefront of understanding how the human body performs under the stresses of life and why our bodies live in a delicate battle between wellness and disease—and where nature can help the system find its optimum balance. By applying some basic principles, you and your loved ones can become healthier while avoiding many of the degenerative processes that contribute to premature aging. Krystyna is a licensed cosmetologist, sales administrator, educator, and counsellor—and has worked alongside her husband Doug in the natural health arena for almost 30 years.

With modern technology, along with their ‘dream team’ of scientists and health advisors, they’re innovators and continually work to create unique ‘proprietary’ formulations for all health-conscious audiences.

They remain committed to this purpose, as this is their passion and life’s work—and they invite you to join Zenus—help others and “make wellness your business“.


Meet Our

Dream Team

Jeffrey Ostriker M.D.

Executive Medical Consultant

  • Jeffrey graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University in New York in 1981.
  • He has more than 39 years of experience in the medical field with a focus on diet, nutrition and healthy weight.
  • He researches the use of cannabis as a therapy.
  • He is a pioneer and advocate for the use of cannabis in medicine.
  • Presently, Jeffrey is on the board of directors of the "Society of Cannabis Clinicians" and a member of the "International Cannabinoid Research Society".
  • Jeffrey is also serving on the Zenus Medical Advisory board.

Jonathan Pirkl

Executive Research Director

  • He is a successful professional with more than 15 years of experience in leadership, processing, customer service, business development, and networking in various business sectors and operations.
  • He was a member of an elite team that successfully developed and launched the first electronic commodities exchange platform for medical and recreational cannabis in the world.
  • He has unique skills in technology, relationship development, banking and finance, operations, project management, data analytics, quality control, and customer service that is capable to take Zenus to the top of success in the area of medical cannabis.
  • He has a dynamic personality which allows him to build strong business liaisons and partner relationships along with securing customer loyalty.

Jay Webber

Executive Project Director & Marketing Consultant

    Jay is a Vietnam Air Force veteran.
  • He served overseas as a Sergeant with top-secret clearance for U.S. military surveillance operations.
  • He was General Sales Manager at one of the world's largest dealerships in Michigan.
  • He was the #1 salesman with a nationally-known insurance company.
  • Former CEO of an environmental biotech company and is currently with Zenus.

Randy Mitchell

VP Training and Retention

  • Randy Mitchell is a highly recognized business consultant, coach, and mentor with nearly two decades of executive and industry experience in direct sales both in the field as well as having served as President and CEO/Founder for two different companies.
  • He was General Sales Manager at one of the world's largest dealerships in Michigan.
  • He had garnered tremendous respect for his ability to resolve difficult problems quickly, effectively, and fairly. He is endowed with the uncanny ability to make the connection between business partners and ensures that everyone is positively linked to the vision of what they want to be accomplished.
  • His philosophy and highly respected programs provide the road map "AVAR Lifestyle Design" that our Zenus Affiliates will be able to access in order to gain the success they desire. Randy has been blessed with outstanding leadership and management skills and knows exactly how to provide the training and strategy for the direction to best serve our customers and affiliates.

James Ferguson

Senior Project Director

  • He has a political science degree from Arizona State University.
  • He was General Sales Manager at one of the world's largest dealerships in Michigan.
  • He is a business professional with experience in the financial industry with more than 40 years of proven abilities.
  • James is a capital formation and business consulting expert in multiple enterprises. He has successfully raised over 100 million dollars for various private and public offerings with successful IPOs.
  • James plays a crucial role with our Zenus dream team and brings financial insights and projections for future IPO consideration.

Ryan Dalton

Production and Product Development

  • Ryan Dalton was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • He went on to graduate from Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles where he studied business management and received his bachelor’s degree in marketing.
  • He returned to Las Vegas and went on to learn and understand how products are created and has now been in the nutritional manufacturing business for 7 years.
  • During this time, Ryan has helped over 100 companies formulate and package their products to be sold all over the world.
  • In his spare time, he creates artwork and paints murals to help bring new light to businesses, schools, and city project developments.
  • As part of our Zenus dream team—Ryan’s experience in product formulation also assures us the utmost quality control in the area of production for Zenus products.

Bernie Robitaille

Board Member

  • Bernie Robitaille is currently Managing Partner of Worldwide Precious Metals (Canada) Ltd.
  • Previously he was President and CEO of The Press Gallery and director of the Alberta Textile Care Association and was often asked to give presentations on behalf of the industry.
  • He relocated to Edmonton in 1976 and entered the dry-cleaning business in 1987.
  • He was awarded Drycleaner of the Year (2011) and recognized with the Shining Star Award (2012) for his work with the Certified Restoration Dry-cleaning Network of Detroit.
  • The Press Gallery had sponsored Edmonton Opera since 1999 and has also been a board member of Edmonton Opera for six years.
  • Bernie also served in the military from 1979 to 1984.
  • Bernie brings his exceptional entrepreneurship experience and skills to Zenus—and has been very active as a major shareholder with the company since 2012.


is Our Inspiration

Zenus as we know it today evolved from a collaboration in the late 1980s between Zenus co-founder Doug Widdifield and Dr. Robert Bingham, an orthopedic surgeon, who concluded after 40 years of treating his patients with conventional drugs and surgery that there must be a better way to help heal people. Dr. Bingham was more than a trailblazer in the study of arthritis and its links to nutrition. In the last years of his life, his first choice of treatment became more natural modalities. He declared to the whole world that “NO DRUG can cure any disease” and synthetic steroids eventually make a disease worse. He believed that holistic health was the best way to treat and prevent disease, becoming one of the first medical doctors who embraced natural healing remedies. Not only was this a bold and courageous stance at the time, but also served as an inspiration from Dr. Bigham for what would become our flagship ‘Schidigera Yucca’ product—'Microbiome Boost' (Optimum D-tox).


An Important Turn of Events

Throughout the early 1990's much of what would become Zenus Global Health found its root both in the United States and Canada as our first members started to spread the message. Soon enough, however, the world opened its doors to us by way of an unexpected source - the People's Republic of China. The Chinese have been regarded as the foremost authority on herbal remedies and they harbor no prejudice between traditional and naturopathic medicine.

Doug & Krystyna Widdifield with the Chinese Federal Minister of Health 1995

Traditional methods tend to be used for emergency and short-term treatment; natural remedies are used more for long-term conditions and illnesses. As we soon came to discover, Chinese Herbal Medicine has remained an unbroken tradition going back to the 3rd century BC. It forms a major part of their healthcare system today and is provided in state hospitals alongside western medicine. Their research community launches studies into every aspect of its use, so in the final analysis, it should have come as no surprise that the Chinese government became curious about our products. In 1996, after nearly 4 years of clinical studies had been conducted, two of our herbal formulations were granted import permits by the Federal Ministry of Health - making us the first-ever foreign company to achieve governmental approval. This milestone has remained a great source of pride for us over the years because it proved yet again that our commitment to our products had a basis, and that our success in the marketplace was warranted. Today, even as our global footprint continues to expand into Asia, Europe, and Australia, we have never lost our curiosity or forgotten the importance of these events. Nor have we lost our passion to serve a workplace left under siege from the pressures of eroding nutrition, workplace stress and the overwhelming dangers of poisons and toxins. The challenges are infinite, and we are no closer to solving the root cause of chronic disease; in fact, we spend more on health care than ever before, and never have we been so under threat. The all-encompassing journey towards optimal wellness and the validation we receive from our customers continues to affirm the legacy we established more than 30 years ago: To engineer products that help battle disease in all its forms, to bring people together in that quest for optimal wellness and to make a difference for people in need of our whole-food products. We hope you join Zenus in reaching a new generation under the threat of chronic disease and remain poised for yet another period of explosive growth as people discover the efficacy of our products. We cannot repair and restore our bodies without first recognizing that our living systems need additional support to optimize balance and extend our quality of life. Eliminate the toxins - build a robust immune system - restore body balance and enjoy wellness. It's that simple!