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HI FOLKS I love all the Zenus products! I have a genetic disorder called hemochromatosis resulting in the body hoarding iron. Almost nothing was known about this condition until about 15 years ago. It became known as the bronze killer because the body would appear to be tanned, even in the middle of winter. My father passed at the age of 46 because of it back in 1973. The common treatment now is to take blood, or have a phlebotomy. The body then pulls iron from the organs to rebuild the blood supply. In early January 2014, I was introduced to a product called Kelate by Doug Widdifield, founder of Zenus Global Health. I expressed my doubts about the product working for my particular issue, but after an assurance by Doug that it certainly was worth a try, and that I could double up on the dosage if need be, I decided to give it a go! Now this would be very easy to verify as I go in for a blood test at will with a doctor's standing order! The following is a verified result of what happened. Dec 17th, 2013 Iron Saturation .89H - Ferritin Level 501H Jan 07th, 2014 Started Kelate @ 2 Caps./day Jan 13th, 2014 Iron Saturation .89H - Ferritin Level 452H No Phlebotomy Feb 08th, 2014 Iron Saturation .80H - Ferritin Level 321H No Phlebotomy Mar 05th, 2014 Stopped Kelate Mar 12th, 2014 Phlebotomy Mar 19th, 2014 Iron Saturation .64H - Ferritin Level 297H It would appear that the Kelate is responsible for an approximate 125 point drop in Ferritin levels per month, where a phlebotomy is good for about 25 points drop. For the record, my levels were well over 4000 when I was diagnosed, normal being around 40. I did weekly phlebotomies for over a year at one point, and it became very much a pain! I am so very happy for the Kelate! Also, Doug your book Life or Grave Danger is bang on! Awesome! Even though I'm only half way thru it, I feel this should be required reading for anyone entering the health care industry in whatever capacity! Love you guys! - Wayne| Nanaimo, BC - Canada


Nanaimo, BC - Canada

DEAR ZENUS My health was quite a problem for me beginning in the year 2000. I was diagnosed with out-of-control blood sugar and several cardiac problems. I was very heavy and ill with gastro paresis and other diabetes related problems. I spent a decade ill and getting steadily worse. In the summer of 2010, I met a lady who shared a video with me about the Optimum D-Tox. I believe the Lord was at work here. I skeptically watched the video and the many testimonials by users that to me seemed somewhat hyped. "How could one herbal product do so many good things for so many people?" I started using 10 drops of Optimum D-Tox twice a day—and soon discovered it had some very early good effects. My prostate began to function better within two weeks. This encouraged me and I continued to use the drops twice a day after breakfast and supper. I was in a financial dilemma, homeless and living in a small pick-up truck at the time along with a dog and cat and it was difficult to afford anything, but with high hopes I continued to use the yucca drops. I monitored my sugar, but not my weight. After four months I found a place to live and saw a doctor who after testing me found that my cholesterol was 200 points lower than when I began the regimen and I had lost 40 pounds. I have no more neuropathy and walking is easy for me now. I have energy and my body functions normally after all these years. Now after 22 months on Optimum D-Tox, I've lost a total of 70 pounds and have been able to get rid of 5 prescription drugs. I now save enough out-of-pocket co-payments each month (for drugs and doctors that I no longer need) that I can more than afford to pay for my monthly use of Optimum D-Tox. Also, my beloved 11 year old dog was experiencing shoulder pain so bad that she was miserable in cold weather and stiff in wet weather. I give her a few drops in her water dish twice a week and now she acts like a puppy. She is a happy dog again and so am I. I will be 69 this summer and I feel better than I did at 49. This stuff really works. Just by sharing my story, the video and encouraging others to try it, it's now providing me with residual monthly income (which I am most grateful for) as well as the personal satisfaction of helping others. Sincerely thankful, - Roger| Port Townsend, WA


Port Townsend, WA

DEAR ZENUS GLOBAL HEALTH How do you begin to thank the wonderful people who have spent years researching the shidigera yucca and creating this great product Optimum D-Tox? I'm a surviver of electrical shock back in 2000 and had been living with severe nerve damage and pain to the right side of my body after having several scans, several physical therapy sessions, pool therapy and painful nerve inductions. Two years ago I was begging doctors to cut my arm off. Then my father Ronald sent me two bottles of Optimum D-Tox. I'm so very grateful. After 2 months I was pain free and having feeling of warmth to the right side of my body. I never neglect to take it and the effects have been awesome. Bowels move freely, I have more energy than a 20-mule team and a heart so grateful. So wonderful I wake up every day thanking God that I'm alive and pain free and I still have my arm. The gratitude to Doug and his family for their years of research goes way beyond. All I want to do is help others by sharing this wonderful product. God bless anyone who wants to try it. It's simple, it's a choice, it is what it is. I also understand that the effects are different for everyone as everyone has their own unique system. The choice I made gave me a pain free life - hands down. Forever grateful, - Deborah | Cambridge, ID


Cambridge, ID

As a desert dweller, I'm proud of our amazing flora and fauna. Yucca certainly is one of the desert's most beneficial plants, so when I learned about Optimum D-Tox, whose sole ingredient is purified concentrated schidigera yucca extract, I was eager to try it. After reading a description of its benefits, I thought perhaps it could serve as a replacement for several other supplements that are part of my daily routine. Like many health conscious people, I like to keep things simple, convenient and cost effective. To ensure optimum health, I do not use any prescriptive drugs and I consume quality foods, beverages and water 99% of the time. I am, however, a hard sell. As a veteran researcher who has written many books on wellness, energy medicine and herbal remedies, I've discovered that most herbal products do not live up to their sales pitch. I've also been a whistleblower on companies that were selling impure remedies or placebos and charging outrageous prices. By setting up my own scientific study, through the process of elimination I soon discovered that the yucca successfully replaced all the other digestion and elimination remedies I was using. I could also cut back on my arsenal of immune system warriors. Have you ever felt SO GOOD that you want to shout to the world: "AT LAST I've found that 'A-HA' feeling I've been looking for!"? That is the way I feel right now. Added to the many benefits of taking Optimum D-Tox is the fact that it is a food and not a drug or chemical. Even though many other companies sell herbal remedies and products that are touted to be "all natural plant derivatives," often these products contain artificial agents, or they have been made with inferior quality herbs. Now when I pack my suitcase for travel, my sack of daily supplements is much lighter, thanks to the Optimum D-Tox! - Carol Adler, MFA - Mesa, AZ | CEO, Dandelion Enterprises, Inc. and Dandelion Books, LLC

Carol Adler, MFA

Mesa, AZ

THANK YOU ZENUS!!! I am most thrilled to offer 2 of the most unique and beneficial products I have ever used during the last 20 years and being a networker I have used hundreds!!! In early December 2008, during a Mayo Clinic hospital stay for 2 surgeries, I caught a "bug" a serious cough resulting in very difficult breathing and spitting up/gagging considerable amounts of mucus from my lungs. The day of my release, the chief surgeon prescribed antibiotics for 10 days. The cough never subsided but 2-1/2 months later after taking 2 caplets of Esseniac Tea TWICE per day for ONLY one week the cough was GONE!!! The cough has never returned!!! By the way, after leaving the hospital in December, I had the vicious "runs" for over two weeks until I started using "YUCCA" (Optimum D-Tox)!!! And my 15 year-old dog "Coco" thanks ZENUS LLC. also as her acute arthritis problem is a thing of the past. After only two weeks of giving her 6-8 drops of "YUCCA" (Optimum D-Tox) once per day! Prior to taking "Yucca" the dog's condition had been so severe that my wife had suggested that the dog be euthanized. - Charles | Rochester, MN


Rochester, MN

IT IS INCREDIBLE!! I was in my chiropractor's office in pretty bad shape physical shape. At 300 pounds I was overweight. Every joint in my body hurt and I couldn't get out of bed before 9-10 AM. I had no energy, with a lot of stomach problems due to diverticulosis. I was a real mess with no quality of life! As we talked, he suggested I try a product called Optimum D-Tox. He came across the product about a year before and had some very favorable results in many of the 170 patients he had put on the product. He and his wife had also experienced positive results with some challenges they were having. Well, I bought a bottle. I had been going to other doctors and had about 50 bottles of different kinds of remedies at home. I thought, I feel so bad. Might as well try one more. I thought, WOW, for about a buck a day, I sure can't go wrong trying it. I spend more than that on one cup of coffee. Well within the first month, I could already see great results. I had much more energy, better sleeping habits, no more stomach problems, out of bed by 7AM ready to meet the day. I also started a diet about a month after starting the Optimum D-Tox. I had been told by other doctors that it was my thyroid that was causing me to not be able to lose weight. They kept filling me full of pills to try to fix it, to no avail. I still couldn't lose a pound. Well after starting the diet, I could see something had changed. The Optimum D-Tox had done what it is supposed to. It had cleaned the gut wall of junk and garbage that had been blocking my ability to assimilate nutrients and other supplements I had been taking. The weight started coming off. In the last 6 months, I have lost almost 60 pounds. I'm down to my high school weight and am feeling great. I'm walking 6 miles a day without even breathing hard. I am totally impressed with this product. I have never experienced anything like this with any product that I have ever used. - James | Las Vegas, NV


Las Vegas, NV

I suffered from arthritis joint pain in my hip, shoulder and knees and was taking several different pain medications almost every day. After about 6 months on the Optimum D-Tox I no longer have any pain and stopped taking all pain medications. I also had quite a big growth on the left side of my forehead that has shrunk down to 10% of its size. Since I've been taking the D-tox drops, I never got the flu or any cold even in the worst winter with temperatures sometimes way below freezing. After about a year, my cholesterol and blood pressure are back to normal. Those who know me can see how different I look. My weight dropped from 87kgs (191lbs) to 78kgs (171 lbs). In a few months I will turn 60 and I move like in my younger years. Now I lift heavy machinery at work and I feel much stronger with more energy. To everyone's surprise, my gray hair has darkened. I am very pleased with my results and faithfully take the Optimum D-Tox drops twice every day and share the benefits with my family, friends and co-workers which also provides me some extra income too. - Ludwik| Edmonton, AB - Canada


Edmonton, AB Canada

I was diagnosed by my medical doctor as having Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Acid Reflux. I was also evaluated as having environmental allergies, so I was taking allergy medication daily along with acid reflux and IBS medications. I started on the Optimum D-Tox when it was first introduced in January 2008, taking 5 drops twice and sometimes three times daily - faithfully. I received tremendous improvement within a couple of months and started gradually weaning myself off my meds. After about 5 months on the Optimum D-Tox, I stopped all medications and have had no episodes with my IBS or allergies since. I will never be without the Optimum D-tox! A few months ago, I added the Esseniac Herbal Tea to my daily protocol to maintain healthy results. I do enjoy taking my 'tea' every morning and at bedtime and feel an overall sense of 'well-being'. Also, I'm excited to report that my cholesterol dropped 39 points over the past year. It was at 225 and my latest results from my blood tests showed that I'm now at 186! I strongly recommend that people stay on the Zenus products and be consistent taking them - like I am - if they want to achieve lasting results. - Audrey | Hollywood, CA


Hollywood, CA

I wanted to share this with Zenus and all your readers. In February 2010, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Oncologists told me that I needed a serious and complicated surgery ending in a colostomy. The prospect for my future was dismal. I appealed to God to heal me and make me whole without surgery. I followed the oncologist protocol of radiation and chemo, but I also took the Esseniac Herbal Tea and Optimum D-Tox daily. This combination blocked all the side effects of chemo. Chemo was stopped after the course of radiation, but I continued with the tea and the d-tox, while all along praying to God. A large number of believers were praying as well. The time came to take a look at the rectal area via endoscopy, multiple biopsies, and ultrasound for the deeper area affected by the disease. The outcome of the recent pathology report was: "No cancer!" The tissues examined and tested were benign. God was victorious and I am healed. My strength came back to me. I look very healthy too. I continue to take the Optimum D-Tox and Esseniac Herbal Tea daily for continued maintenance. Praise and Glory be to God! He led me to you and your products. I am very thankful. Regards, - Anthony | Riverside, CT


Riverside, CT

Fighting Off Disease DEAR ZENUS FOLKS I went to your presentation with high speculation. Previous network marketing attempts soured me because of the pushy, greedy people involved. I've lost friends' because of that and I had already made the statement, "never again." I was thoroughly impressed with the professional manner that Zenus and its health product line was introduced and ultimately signed on as a member just to help me and my family gain the intended benefits I identified. I'm a 63 year old man who had an extreme active life style my first 37 years. I was a 25-year career fire fighter for a large West Coast city, a logging operator owner, a nationally rated tournament water skier, an aircraft owner/pilot, a professional musician and mechanical engineer. I was paralyzed in a logging accident in 1984 and have spent the last 26 years in a powered wheelchair. One of the realities of paralysis is that the ability to move the bowel becomes very slow. That's also true for able bodied people who are aging, but this really becomes a problem with paralysis. It gets to be very labor intensive and requires the help of other people to maintain any quasi-normal activity of daily living, especially with getting the gut to work. If a paralyzed person is not driven to accomplish daily goals they usually settle into a sedentary life style, further compromising the body's ability to function and to fight off disease. Here are the actual benefits I'm experiencing at the one month period. First, I'm feeling more energy consistently than I've felt in 15 years on 10 drops of Optimum D-Tox per day. Second, my gut has started to "normalize" with respect to consistency of waste. For 20 years, as my gut filled, I would re-absorb toxins because of the long transit time, one week average, sometimes up to 10 days. I would break out in pimples and rash. The waste was usually rock hard and anything I tried obviously didn't provide a remedy. I would occasionally experience a very loose bowel after taking OTC laxatives. Often that would result in embarrassing messes in my clothes which would break down my skin and cause sores that took weeks to heal. So bowel care became part of the daily hell in which I existed. The pain I've experienced because of all this is indescribable. So this month has been a start to a relatively pain free bowel experience, the first in 20 years. Third, men my age usually start losing hair, which is my case. A few days ago in the shower my wife laughed and told me I had new fuzzy baby hair growing up between the very thinning hair on my head. That new fuzzy hair is growing and has slightly thickened the scalp hair I now see and feel! Amazing! Fourth, I've used IV antibiotics off and on for the last six years. One of the drugs was Gentamicin which has a possible side effect of hearing loss. You guessed it, I lost 120db in my right side and 65db in the left. I purchased a set of high tech hearing aides for $4700 to help with this and six months ago I lost the one for the right ear. Now here's what could be one of my most exciting benefits. My wife mentioned the fact that I've been asking about noises I haven't heard lately. I've operated a music recording studio for 15 years and hearing loss has ruined my ability to mix down multiple tracks of vocals and instruments. My mixes were becoming uncomfortable for other listeners. They're actually starting to improve but the real test will be when I get my hearing re-tested. Fifth, the money I'm saving by not buying sleep aides like melatonin, benedryl, calms forte, valerian root and insomnia pays for the Optimum D-Tox I use each month. I sleep like a baby with no morning drowsiness. Sixth, I encouraged a friend who suffers with gut problems to try Optimum D Tox. So far, he loves the results and the energy he feels. He is already referring other people to the product. My whole family loves it and is benefitting from Optimum D Tox too, and can't wait for the next order to arrive. I'm looking forward to better, healthier living thanks to you and our Maker! - Frank, C6,7 Quadriplegic | Midvale, Idaho


Midvale, ID


Las Vegas, NV


Las Vegas, NV




Henderson, NV

Arthur Davis Jr. MD



Las Vegas, NV


Henderson, NV

Dr. George Ritter

Las Vegas, NV


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Las Vegas, NV